LivenPay – The Global Food Currency For Travellers

Again in this millennial era, everything from shopping to enjoying food can be started only from your smartphone. It cannot be denied that technology is making the world community to become literate in technology.

Did you know, if you have been spoiled by various technologies. The proliferation of marketplace-based applications greatly facilitates many people to make money for business people. Conversely, application users are also greatly facilitated in carrying out daily activities.

For example, the presence of online vehicles really helps your trip more comfortable right?
Not only that, shopping does not need to go out of the house anymore. For those of you who are busy with work, only through the online application, shopping will be easier and cheaper of course.

Even if you don’t have time to cook you can use a mobile application-based food delivery order. Very interesting right? Well, then what about the online payment system? The presence of Livenpay will change traditional ways to become easier and more profitable.

Why is LivenPay Different?

The payment system that we have known so far is just paying and only using the service without any interesting feedback from the platform provider. Well, of course it’s different from LivenPay if you use and pay for food and beverage purchases through the Liven app. here, users can get rewards as 10-30% of their bills that they can save, transfer, or spend in Liven’s merchant network, or even donate to charity.

In addition, Livenpay supports a structured payment system using cryptocurrency. Some newcomers might think that cryptocurrency is a nightmare, whereas in fact there is superior technology that plays an important role in creating cryptocurrency, blockchain technology.

LivenPay by implication wants to introduce with the more extensive network the reason for making blockchain work for typical individuals and organization in general. By making LVN Tokens through which you can pay for sustenance utilizing LVN, credit or check cards, or a mix of both. As we have known that Cryptocurrency is digital currency where exchanges should be done an online and here LivenPay will make you easier when you earn cryptocurrency without a need to worried which is many people assume that crypto has a fluctuating price and be detrimental.

In other words, this means that users and traders can pay and receive payments through multiple market systems, where traditional payment methods can be combined with the LivenPay platform. So there is no doubt that the LivenPay platform will provide convenience and transparency in transactions without disrupting the traditional system.

Token Sale Details

  • Symbol :LVN
  • Token type:ERC20
  • Decimal Points:18
  • Total Supply:10,000,000,000 LVN
  • Token Price:$0.015 USD
  • Total Sale:30% (3,000,000,000)
  • Accepting:USD, AUD, ETH
  • Softcap:$10,000,000 USD (Reached)
  • Hardcap:$28,000,000 USD

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