BRAIN SPACE – Unique Plaform That Protects Copyright and Intellectual Property

It is very easy in this millennial era that we share the talents we have with the world community. But someone’s creativity is copyright that must be protected. It is undeniable that technology is developing so rapidly that it is very easy and helps people to complete their work.

Especially if we look at internet technology. Internet technology has many positive effects for content creators in particular. But it could be a backfire for people to open a gap in claiming copyright. Then what if our work or that of someone else is not protected? It is certain to be hit by piracy. Well, piracy is one of the negative sides of the development of internet technology.

As we know that intellectual rights actually come from creative activities of the human mind that have benefits and economic values that will benefit the copyright owner. That is why Brain Space Platform is here to bridge issues related to intellectual property and copyright, and to form communities that are experts in their respective fields and talents that are feasible on one global platform.


Why Brain Space?

Well, the technological revolution coupled with the ease of obtaining information freely since internet access is available to the general public has two sides of the blade in terms of its use. On the one hand, this freedom is able to provoke creativity and enrich references in order to create new innovations so that it is very easy for anyone to share creativity. While on the other hand, this openness also increases the risk of plagiarism and obscures the originality of work.

Some people may seem indifferent in handling copyright and intellectual property. Even if we can respect work is a form of moral support that is very valuable. Brain Space fully understands the various problems that some creators get. And therefore, through the Brain Space platform service will enable you to optimize the implementation of complex projects that require the participation of several players. Brain Space is a unique platform, we will be able to interact with each other without an intermediary. Because brain space adopts a smart contract that makes it possible for the parties involved there are no obstacles so that it will certainly save time and be more transparent.



And what are the advantages of the Brain Space platform?

As an example of mutual indifference between the creator and the hijacker, it will harm both materially and immaterially to the creator and cause a decrease in interest from the community to the original product and prefer pirated products that are much cheaper than the original product. In addition creativity decreases, people will feel reluctant to be creative

We need to understand that intellectual property refers to design, technology or products that are found by certain individuals or companies. The right refers to the recognition that the inventor must be rewarded, the benefits can be in the form of exclusive rights to use them or to withdraw royalties by renting out their use.

And it is not easy to track violations of property rights, for that plate for brain space is able to provide solutions with owning algorithm to recognize duplication of audiovisual objects and text on the Internet, which will speed up data processing to identify copyright violations, until automatic notifications from authors when using their work.

The Brain Space Platform is very concerned about quality so that it will maximize anyone in the work. By increasing interaction in one multifunctional platform, it will certainly bridge quickly, in language that is quality and understandable to build interactions between writers and people who are interested in the use of their work for themselves without intermediaries.


Token Details

  • A base price of the token :1 IMP = 0.01 USD – = 0.08 USD
  • Token designation: IMP
  • Method of payment (currency): ETH, BTC
  • Soft cap: 14 526 000 USD
  • Hard Cap: 72 630 000 USD


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