Velic – Decentralized Asset Storage And The Crypto Finance Solution

Never thought before if an asset can be stored in digital form, right? If you observe the development of times in this sophisticated era, all transactions are carried out digitally through technological assistance.
Conversely, before the existence of the Internet of Thing or we often call IOTs you save assets for example in a bank with a certain amount of cash traditionally. But now, everything has changed to become more efficient.

When the first time Bitcoin is found, people consider Bitcoin to be a tough thing. It would be very interesting to discuss cryptocurrency, although for newcomers cryptocurrency it is considered a nightmare and as we known that Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency concept implemented in crypto space. With the discovery of Blockchain Technology, which is an important role in the creation of bitcoin, the progress of the crypto world is growing. Various communities show their existence in supporting the existence of this digital currency.


Securing Crypto Assets Through VELIC Platform

This millennial era, the way people use and store their assets is very diverse. Assets owned can be objects such as gold, land etc. which are intended to provide benefits in the future. And if money is usually invested. But since the advent of bitcoin as the first digital currency, some people began to look to save their assets in the form of cryptocurrency.

Various projects try to present an integrated platform to secure cryptocurrency assets. But Velic is very different, so many advantages and benefits to the Velic platform because it will provide a full solution for the storage of decentralised assets

Well! Bitcoin is known as the first crypto to introduce blockchain technology, which allows investment in digital currencies to grow. But many people think that storing digital assets in the form of crypto is at risk with hacker attacks. Besides, prices that fluctuate are considered as well.

Furthermore, VELIC Platform is here to give a comprehensive solution answer for crypto resources that offers the most astounding quality crypto related administrations under one coordinated client account. Velic is different because Innovations that Velic has it will provide security and openness – attributes that are usually fundamentally unrelated.  With an intense spotlight on safety, VELIC means to change the crypto-money experience for everybody.

There are no more worries about Velic’s presence because by combining the technology of Blockchain transactions it will be safe, transparent and efficient. We must know that an integrated platform will allow professional investors to get what they should — sophisticated digital assets that can easily be converted into real-world assets and vice versa.
Of course, this will save time and money spent on costs. That’s why Velic adopted Blockchain technology. On a side note, Velic will bridge the world of cryptocurrency and the real world in dealing with financial ecosystems.

VELIC will solve the problem of crypto finance because the Velic main point is to develop in the financial crypto infrastructure world.

This is an amazing solution! Where the purpose of Velic to overcome the current fragmentation in the crypto space by offering a blockchain-arranged system that will enable clients to access the best-computerised resources and coordinate any blockchain organise. The incorporated stage given by VELIC spins around crypto trade, resource the executives, arches and advance administrations. Also as institutional and retail investors will be able to use it and access all services from one user account.

Token Ecosystem

Well! there are several tokens presented on this Velic Platform. as I said earlier that VELT is the main token to open access to all types of services and reduce costs. In addition, VELT is the basic token for VELA and VELD. VELA tokens have a ratio of 1: 1 with VELT. For users who want to save cryptocurrency in the long-term. Whereas VELD is a stablecoin maintaining its stability by connecting with another stablecoin.







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