Bluenote – The First Protocol for the World to Reduce the Effects of Global Warming

Of course, you feel that the weather is increasingly uncertain and extreme making anxiety in humans throughout the world, nowadays. It changes the quality of human life that we often hear in terms of global warming. Global warming is a world problem that can threaten the population without us knowing how humans with their greediness can destroy nature that has given a lot of life.

Well, is the solution that we are now doing going to the maximum for the world? How do you minimise the effects of global warming?

Bluenote Protocol Vision And Solution

We can feel the temperature is getting hot and seawater is increasing is a characteristic feature of global warming. As we know that one of the causes of global warming is building construction continuously without using an efficient way.
For this reason, Bluenote comes differently to provide a solution on how to minimise global warming caused by construction. The construction of buildings where bring real change with less agricultural land, plantations, even building materials themselves. This is the article that highlights some of the effects of construction on global warming.

Research shows that the cause of global warming is due to the human activity itself with the growth of the technology and industrial population and the increasing population and this is what will cause global warming throughout the world.

Global warming cannot just load the construction and renovation of the building to stop. But the wisest thing they have to do is prevent global warming from becoming ever more. Troublesome issues in acquiring the correct information lead to challenges lead to difficulties in making the best decisions about energy efficiency in buildings because data on building energy, operational and asset value is rarely available.

We believe that Bluenote comes with a decentralised system and modern methods will help developers understand how to minimise the effects of global warming due to development through the Bluenote Protocol platform where the Bluenote Protocol is revolutionary with a unique approach to the market.

By using Blockchain technology that will be applied in the energy industry and trying to reduce energy trade, instead, Bluenote opens an entirely new market for decentralised energy efficiency data services in buildings.
Through the Bluenote Protocol, it will help developers, building owners, and the financial sector feel the potential that Bluenote has.


Let’s watch a brief explanation of the Bluenote in the following video :


With the advantages of the blockchain environment, everything will be less demanding on the grounds that anybody can get to, an information system that is decentralized, straightforward, secret, and concentrated on qualities that will open new one’s vitality productivity information advertise, verification of solutions, and lastly it will be able to open the value of the assets of a new building.

Rest assured, that the arrangements offered by Bluenote protocol will result in great immediate and manageable cost investment funds by lessening their vitality costs. These cost reserve funds make structures progressively gainful and in this way unmistakably increasingly significant. The non-financial, however supportable, the advantage is that expanding vitality proficiency enormously diminishes carbon discharges.

Token Sale Details

  • Token Name: Bluenote
  • Token Symbol: BNOW
  • Total Supply: 12,500,000,000
  • Price of BNOW is CHF 0.01 per token (CHF 1 is approx. USD 1)
  • Blockchain Ethereum – ERC20






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