Hara Token – Empowering Billions Through Data One Byte At A Time

No secret if Indonesia is famous for its agrarian country because it is blessed with abundant natural wealth plus Indonesia’s position which is considered very strategic, right? Starting from the geographical side, Indonesia is located in the tropics which have high rainfall so that many types of plants can live and overgrow. Other than that, most of the population of Indonesia has a livelihood in agriculture or farming.

Agriculture in Indonesia can be said to be the driving force of the national economy. In addition to producing food to meet people’s needs, agriculture is also becoming a priority for increasing productivity. At present, the Indonesian agricultural sector from the production side is the second most influential sector to national economic growth, after the processing industry. The position of the farm sector is still above other areas, such as trade and construction. The problem is quite dynamic, ranging from limited inventory, prices of various volatile food commodities, too bad practices in the food distribution chain.

Not to mention the issue of a surge in food prices, the government indeed does not remain silent, various policies to reduce and stabilize food prices continue to be rolled out. Therefore, the government is trying to provide solutions, for example, there are many requests for microcredit in Indonesia. The most productive form of microcredit is the Kredit Usaha Rakyat (KUR). KUR is a state credit or investment financing scheme dedicated explicitly to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), which cannot meet specific requirements set by banks for regular loans.


What is the role of HARA for Indonesian farmers?

A common thing when farmers have difficulty getting capital, often some of them go to banks to borrow money. Well, this is indeed a dilemma, sometimes there are difficulties they get such as lack of proper documentation, they are generally considered too risky for loans or live in a location that is too remote for formal financial services.

For this reason, HARA is a bridge between farmers and banks. How can? While HARA is a project that has a concept using blockchain technology built on Ethereum.

As we know, the Bank and cryptocurrency are considered enemies, but HARA proves that cooperation can be of mutual interest to get the best results – including the people that HARA and the bank are trying to reach. But Hara can be relied on by helping MSMEs connect to financial institutions in the past few years.

HARA is based over Ethereum with the purpose of making a prosperous information trade economy that drives the utilization of educated information-driven choices in the public arena. Beginning with the agriculture and food sector, HARA starts to finish answer for all stakeholders in the data exchange market for the world’s most socially impactful sectors. It offers close-time profitable information that is critical to expanding profitability, lessening misfortune, and market efficiencies..

HARA’s mission starts in the food sector and continues towards overall sustainability for the most socially impacting industry in the world. This is the place blockchain organizations like HARA come in. HARA helps both the banks and the MSMEs to benefit off of one another.

On a side note, through companies like HARA, banks get simple access to a profitable undiscovered market, with the alternative to dispensing their credits modestly and beneficially. The contribution of HARA additionally means that a new influx of capital and confidence in the world of the blockchain, which is especially important in a bear market. HARA’s applications and online interfaces are classified so information suppliers, such as farmers, who supply data are rewarded with loyalty points.



Token Details

  • Token Name: HARA
  • Token Symbol: HART
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Total Token Supply 1,200,000,000
  • Tokens for Sale 360,000,000 (30%)



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Bountyhive Username: niaSha



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