Ethereum Classic Vision – Hard Fork – January 11, 2019. Don’t Miss The Opportunity

Technology that developed in this modern era, is the success that from generation to generation technology has helped humans to do work. From light work to quite heavy work, artificial intelligence is one example of technology that has a role in our lives.

Humans are so spoiled by technology that it facilitates activities and saves time. Even in some industrial sectors, especially the financial industry, it has now begun to adopt a technology called Blockchain technology. The blockchain is still a new technology because of its emergence since Bitcoin is present in the world of digital assets or cryptocurrency.

Indeed, cryptocurrency is not just Bitcoin. One of the platforms that are often used for transactions is Ethereum. Well, Ethereum certainly uses blockchain technology. Where the Blockchain is a distributed database system (usually using a peer-to-peer network) that is used to store and manage records (called blocks) that are continuously increasing. and as we know that Smart Contract (SC) is one of the main features of Ethereum.

Speaking of Ethereum, I am pleased to announce that Ethereum Classic Vision is a hard branch of Ethereum, where Ethereum Classic Vision utilizes the best of both worlds – a true decentralization of Ethereum Classic and advanced protocols developed for ETH, such as Po and Sharding mining.

How do you get Ethereum Classic Vision?

By having enormous scaling potential, high speed, and great appreciation for miners, Ethereum Classic Vision is the final answer to today’s market challenges. If you want to get ETCV, of course, it’s very easy, you must have several ETH in your personal wallet (such as MetaMask, Jaxx, MyEtherWallet, Ledger Nano, etc.). Like a hard fork in general, each ETH holder will receive free ETCV after the fork

ETCV has a plan to do Hard Fork on January 11, 2019, (20:00 GMT) with a ratio of 1: 3. For example, if you have 100 ETH in your digital wallet, you will receive 300 ETCV after the fork. Or if you don’t have ETH, You can participate in the Bounty campaign. This is a good opportunity and will be a good new one.

Various superior features that ETCV has certainly want to be implemented immediately. By bringing technology that has potential, ETCV will provide many technological solutions developed by the Ethereum Foundation. By having a reliable and professional team, ETCV will continue to develop and have great hopes of achieving a full transition to mining PoS and validation much faster than what happens in the Ethereum network.





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Hard fork Ethereum – Ethereum Classic Vision – 11.01.19

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