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Accessing cryptocurrency is easier

The digital world is continually advancing as innovation creates and most likely changing your life winds up less complex right? Presently, as we realize that in this cutting edge period individuals just bring a little money in their wallets since some of them utilize advanced digital wallet. By only using a phone application, you can make various transactions. This will make it easier for you without the need to bring cash. Technology has changed the lifestyle of humans in this millennium era.

Maybe you’ve read or heard the success story of someone who bought Bitcoin at a low price and then they got rich? Maybe you want to try investing but you feel worried if you speculate. The growth of digital currencies triggered by technology makes it easier to make coins or tokens.

Well, cryptocurrency is increasingly being discussed after the rise of various types of virtual money such as Bitcoin and others began to be in great demand as an investment because of its fluctuating value.

Cryptocurrency may be a nightmare for newcomers but actually, if a cryptocurrency was created to be a transformer, it doesn’t need to be afraid. Before investing, of course, you must write a rational investment, you might find that there is a need to do more research. Research must determine where the risk is and what you will get after you jump into it. Of course, choosing crypto is not an easy task, considering the hundreds of cryptocurrency listed on the Coinmarket Cap.

Imagine, your life has been spoiled by various technologies and makes it easy for you to do various jobs in your daily life. It is undeniable, for example, nowadays the shopping style of people in the world is beginning to shift. From trading conventionally, now our society prefers to shop through an online shop. Besides being more time and energy saving, you can compare the price of goods and more payment options.

At different note, the development of digital currencies does not escape the important role of technology, namely Blockchain. Through Upthinity your platform is able to access the crypto application hub that meets your crypto needs every day! It’s never been simpler, utilizing crypto in your day by day existence with different applications through one environment.

For example, applications that even if you are a beginner help you trade markets like a pro, an application that makes it easy for you to spend crypto that you get at some of your favorite online stores like Amazon, eBay, Etsy and even pay you a cup of morning coffee. That is why some startups from within and outside the country who have tried their luck in developing business in this field have emerged. In addition, applications that can help you become an insider, give you initial access to new projects that show strong pre-launch potential and more.

Well, that’s Upthinity, your personal super ecosystem of crypto applications that are supported by blockchain and driven by our community to help you stay ahead. So many digital or strategic companies are starting to use blockchain technology to deliver payment services. But in order to facilitate people’s understanding while eroding the negative stigma, the public tends to call cryptocurrency a digital asset.



By creating its own blockchain technology, Upthinity ecosystem uses UPZ Tokens. Well, UPZ tokens are designed so that all transactions are more efficient including low costs, speed, and affordability. In addition, to keep our economy stable, the UPZ is burned – unusable – at the 0.05% UPZ level per transaction. In addition, with Upthinity you can earn UPZ by using the Upthinity network for the day to day activities and transactions you do already. Every year consistently we give back a percentage of revenue we earn from app transactions, we distribute it in UPZ to our community members, this is through, our “Raid the Reserve” initiative.


Token Details

Upthinity has 4 phases in the token sale and following are the prices at them

  • Phase One: $0.10 USD
  • Phase Two: $0.20 USD
  • Phase Three: $0.35 USD
  • Phase Four: $0.50 USD
  • Token Supply: 500.000.000
  • Token Issued: 375.000.000
  • Hard Cap: $25 Million
  • Soft Cap: $2 Million








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