EntrepreneurShop – Creates Innovation and Transformation through 15 ecosystems

Slowly but surely, in this modern era technology has helped human work. Well, humans are spoiled by various technologies in various industries.
It can’t be denied that technology has penetrated the financial industry. Various transaction systems are offered by the company to provide convenience.

EntrepreneurShop or ESO is present amid the hubbub of advanced technology by adopting Blockchain technology. As we know, Blockchain is a technology that pioneered the creation of bitcoin and cryptocurrency.
Traders and entrepreneurs certainly need efficient marketing strategies and payment systems. Also, ESO will treat the traders or entrepreneurs through its decentralized system by producing a variety of profoundly revolutionary ecosystems, namely the NFC Ring, EDC Machines and 15 other Ecosystems where the ecosystem is the ESO holding itself.



Why Are ESO Projects Different?

With ESO’s integrity, we are confident that we will bridge and realize our vision and mission.
We are talking that ESO is different because our platform not only facilitates payment and financial matters but we also provide a platform that is needed by the community, namely the Job Seeker feature.

There are so many people around us when we have the skill, but it is difficult to get a job because of the lack of a diploma or specific conditions. For this reason, Job Seeker is one of the unique features in ESO.

ESO will continue to pioneer innovations by adopting advanced technology. Because reducing unemployment is one of ESO’s goals. Thanks to an active community we believe we can realize our Project.

Why is ESO E-commerce different from other Eccomerce?

Yes, ESO is not only a startup that will create innovations. But by having 15 different Ecosystems, ESO will carry out various transformations by utilizing the advantages of multiple technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology.

Like the previous article that we published that we have a Unique ecosystem is ESO Mall Online Shop. ESO Mall Online Shop has the progress to deliver goods only 1 to 3 hours. However, if the products are not ready in the outlet, the shipment of goods is in the process of 1 to 3 days.

Well, what if the delivery delays? Of course, we will provide a guarantee by returning the shipping cost in the form of a Token.

And ESO provides maps feature on the ESO Mall Online Shop Application to make it easier for you to find out where our outlet is.

Extensively ESO is not only an ICO, but ESO has a unique marketing strategy and wants to introduce that cryptocurrency is not a scary thing, Cryptocurrency is not a nightmare because of the fluctuating prices that create pump and dump. However, ESO wants the public to look forward to technology by pioneering the payment system and the advantages of ESO’s various features.


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