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Looking at the history of the development of bitcoin mining, the activity was first done by relying on one of the computer hardware devices, namely the CPU (Central Processing Unit). Formerly armed with a computer with a good CPU, someone can already do mining. But now with the improved Bitcoin security system. Do you even know? By utilizing your Phone you can get bitcoin for free by mining, if you have been using your cellphone just to play facebook and other social media, then you should start using your Android for mining Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency.

the next development the miners use the GPU (Graphical Processing Unit). Hardware which is known as popular graphics card can indeed be attempted to do bitcoin mining. With a stronger processing capability. In fact, GPU mining systems are far more reliable than CPU mining.

Some of the last time the development of bitcoin mining has become more sophisticated and is known as a system called FPGA Mining (Field Programmable Gate Array). Simply put, this is a combination of computer devices that have been equipped with additional Bitcoin mining rigs. Bitcoin mining rig is a hardware device that is created as a substitute for CPU or GPU functions that are able to run bitcoin mining data processing faster and maximally.

We area unit proposing to unite the GPU cards freed by Ether’s switch from pow to PoS underneath the Kaasy network, offering a decentralized Infrastructure as a Service solution for several use cases, with official SDKs for developers to optimize processing times via parallelization and computing load equalization. The blockchain keeping the Kaasy ledger can store each payment for rented processing time and algorithms optimized to run distributed calculations.



Doing Bitcoin/ cryptocurrency mining activity isn’t a simple issue to try and do. However, with all the technology that’s offered nowadays, the event of Bitcoin mining activities will be done additional simply. though Bitcoin remains not totally accepted within the web world, it does not hurt the United States of America to search out.

This method runs on the Distributed Infrastructure as a Service design, dividing the work between many mining rigs, whereas optimizing the shortest operational time in the least information traffic.
This whole system is named knowledge As A Service and is that the backbone of KAASY, a decentralized AI assistant that you just will apply to try and do the task for you.

A miner actually works to protect the blockchain. Related in handling all transactions that occur. Even miners will maintain the Blockchain that has stored all transactions. The miner can request all block history to other nodes that have entered before he entered the network. Listen to new blocks broadcast on the network, then validate the blocks that are received. Because in the block there are a series of transactions, then every transaction in the block must also be validated, and valid.


Token Details

  • HARD CAP €30 000 000
  • PRICE PER 1 KAAS = €0.1
  • 1 ETH = 1778 KAAS
  • ENDING TIME 2018-11-15


Token Distribution

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