GMB – Connecting Dual-Crypto into the Real World

The widespread digitalization of the banking industry presents some digital-based payment and investment methods. Call it payment methods via ATM, e-banking, mobile banking, electronic money, to virtual account facilities.
Not long ago the banking industry was enlivened by payment methods using digital currencies that use cryptographic technology (cryptocurrency) as a form of protection. Digital currencies that are currently widely used include Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, etc. around 500 coins have listed in the COINMARKETCAP.

However, the use of digital currency as a transaction tool in several countries has not legalized.
Well, Blockchain technology has given a new transformation to the financial industry in particular. Because thanks to blockchain technology, transactions are more efficient, safe and transparent.

Considering that there is no legal status regarding cryptocurrency, there is a lot of confusion. Therefore GMB is there to bridge this complicated problem. With a long process and analysis, GMB will be a platform created to solve such issues and use cryptocurrency in real life.

About GMB Platform

As we know that Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is so phenomenal because the price is rising dramatically and in 2017 is the highest price that Bitcoin has for now.
The GMB platform consists of a double coin system based on fast speed. Blockchain platform that is intended to be used in real life through SPACE Dapps from various industries and GMB DEX. And will be spoiled by the first SPACE Dapp GMAP: TravelSpace, a blockchain-based travel community service.

With travel being the first step, GMB wants to provide a total solution consisting of various service platforms, such as entertainment and trade. You might have seen a great deal of reports articles expression that the explosive worth volatility of cryptocurrency prevents you from creating payments. The Dual-Coin system developed by GMB that consists of Master Coin and Branch Coin. Master Coin is listed on the global exchange whereas holding quality price and possessing value volatility. Branch Coin may be a stable coin that’s fastened with no worth volatility almost like the idea of fiat currency. Worth volatility should not exist for cryptocurrency to be recognized as a payment methodology.

GMB’s Branch Coin will be used as payment because it is connected to every country’s fiat currency. This will all be finished the conclusion of GMB DEX (Decentralized Exchange). We tend to pursue a system that permits payment with just one QR Code. You’ll use Branch Coin to get hold of services and things and exchange the remaining Branch Coin with Master Coin to get a lot of profit. Once you travel another country, you’ll conjointly trade your Branch Coins with the country’s attached Branch Coins, so that you’ll get pleasure from traveling with none extra exchanges. On prime of that, it’ll even be doable to exchange your Branch Coins with their act currency. If all of this becomes accomplished, it might become the foremost convenient system to use with none borders or limits. Everybody will like a far cheaper fee than a MasterCard.

Lack of surroundings for Usage — SPACE Dapp, that forms the scheme of GMB, are interconnected via GMB DEX. The terribly initial house Dapp that you just can expertise is TravelSpace, a travel-based community service. when your trip, you’ll produce a spread of travel-related content, like reviews, photos, and videos, and receive GMB Coins as a souvenir. each individual victimization TravelSpace has the proper to be rewarded for the content they produce. you may be ready to expertise TravelSpace on GMB Platform.

GMB is being developed with the goal of one million TPS. However is one million TPS doable you ask? Current blockchain cryptocurrency firms have nevertheless to resolve the continuing drawback of slow TPS as a result of they keep jutting to package solely. If you imagine yourself running a substantial quantity of sand into a physically slim funnel, the speed at that the sand comes out from very cheap is bound to be slow. GMB solves the elemental speed issue not by jutting to solely package, however by combining high-speed hardware with the package, that is understood as Mikkschain technology (Mikkschain was named when the CTO of GMB). Through this, our platform is being developed with a target speed of one million TPS, all the whereas getting to be the quickest cryptocurrency.

There area unit 2 coins in GMB Platform. One is termed Master Coin, that is listed on the world exchange and maybe a coin with worth volatility precisely just like the cryptocurrency that we have a tendency to area unit alert to. The second is termed Branch Coin, that is intended to best be used as a way of payment because the fixed-price coin is coupled to the act currency of every country with a price of 1:1.

Users of GMB Platform will expertise 2 systems through GMB DEX that permit them to pay with Branch Coin similarly as convert into Master Coin for cryptocurrency investment. We have a tendency to conjointly applied for patents on the dual-coin system.
Decentralized Exchange, our exchange, refers to a commerce system that permits exchange between Master and Branch Coins, getting of Branch Coins, similarly as payment with Branch Coins.


Token Sale Details

  • Token Symbol: GMB
  • Decimals: 18
  • Token price: 0.000005 ETH
  • Token supply:
  • Accepting payment: ETH


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