Crowdforce – Driving Mass Adoption of Digital Financial Services

World economic growth is believed to be more advanced supported by various technologies. Well, the term financial technology or Fintech has pioneered a more efficient system to help the economy of a trading community. Within a period of time a modern business system has spoiled the community. for example, a marketplace is available that supports traders to do their business easily online.

In addition, technology finance has transformed traditional business systems into more modern ones. If the micro business needs a lot of surveys to ensure that the business is valid, then this modern era is no longer needed because all will look transparent without any 3rd party intervention.
You can notice that one business that always produces new innovation innovations is the gadget business.

Well, Smartphone, Laptops become a human need today. However, the developing countries still carry out economic activities with traditional systems, for example in the market or outlet. But with the development of technology and mindset, businesspeople actually realize that they need to combine their online efforts with offline distribution networks (field agents) to effectively measure their services and collect revenue in emerging markets. Because business people and partners actually need connections so that their business runs without intermediaries.

For that Crowdforce comes as a business service that is one help benefit that is upsetting the manner in which business is done, for the most part by shutting the holes among hyperconnectivity and the thoughts that depend on it.

What Makes The CrowdForce Different from Other Platforms ??

CrowdForce uses mobile technology and a network of micro businesses to help businesses, banks, Digital wallets and exchange companies scale to the next billion underserved population in emerging markets. Backed by top silicon valley VCs including 500 startups and DraperDarkflow, we are developing a decentralized network of agent micro businesses to provide crypto and digital services to the mass market and drive mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in emerging markets.

By having a professional team and Crowd Force experts adopt blockchain technology to provide solutions and expand across borders through the Crowdforce mobile forms platform. With each skill and experience they have, they have presented the CrowdForce Platform to become the largest offline distribution network in Africa. As a platform for businesses of all sizes to utilize our network of agents to conduct research, provide services and collect payments in emerging markets.

Through the Crowdforce Platform, businessmen who have registered on the platform are able to take advantage of increased exposure to a customer base, including hard-to-reach people and allow you to go directly to the market with a short design and invite the entire community of business owners to register on your platform. the most important point of the CrowdForce project’s goal is to consistently provide access to financial services for people who are outside the standard financial scope and provide access to financial services through our network of trusted agents to ‘unbanked’ and ‘underbanked.’



What are the benefits offered by Crowdforce?

The peer to peer blockchain technology makes transactions safe, efficient and transparent. the Blockchain is able to penetrate the range in the world. Therefore thanks to blockchain technology are able to reduce the cash transaction burden from business owners by facilitating crypto payments instead, even for those who do not necessarily have access to the crypto platform. Payments for goods from distant buyers and partners on an international scale become easier and faster. This is a transformation of a modern payment system of course.

With a unique system, CrowdForce allows paying for goods in real time without a valid physical tender exchange and empower micro businesses to Drive Mass Adoption of Digital, Crypto and Financial Services to the next billion underserved population in their communities. Fast progress is catalyzed by Crowdforce decentralization system and innovation, micro assignment, joint creation and economic sharing. This happens faster than most businesses and governments are prepared, the future all depends on Crowdforce. By utilizing our data CrowdForce platform, we help companies gather insights in a reliable way, reduce costs and drastically reduce their turnaround time for decision making.

Blockchain technology has become a solution for financial problems in particular. and now is the right momentum to overcome structural problems that hinder economic growth, ensure the impact of information technology development on the economy and through the Crowdforce platform is able to create transformations from traditional systems to decentralized to implement payment system policies.


About Details ICO

  • Token: CRF
  • Price 1 CRF = $0.03
  • Accepted: ETH, BTC, USD and 70 others
  • Total Token Supply: 1 Billion
  • Pre-Sale Starts: September 15, 2018
  • Pre-Sale Ends: October 31, 2018
  • Token-Sale Starts: November 12, 2018
  • Token-Sale Ends: December 14, 2018





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