Capital Technologies & Research – First Decentralized Private Communication Solution By Combining Blockchain Technology

Humans in this modern era are presented by various technological advances.  No wonder if things get easier. call it the most dominating internet technology in human life as a daily necessity both at home and at work.

Present internet technology is very helpful for human work in terms of work, learning and communication activities. This is proof that the internet has spoiled your life. Thanks to the internet many people can do business like providing the marketplace to trade through an online shop. Even you can say hello to your friends wherever they are in various worlds, you can do video call activities or share your experiences through social networks supported by internet technology of course.

But talking internet there are some negative things that you need to pay attention to. Yes, hackers and privacy protection are nightmares for internet users. As we know the internet is able to track someone’s data for that, it also requires sophisticated technology that is able to protect privacy and protect an asset so that it cannot be hacked. What’s the solution??

Along with the human mindset that has been advanced, technology has evolved to provide solutions and solve hacker problems and privacy protection. Capital Technologies & Research is here to bridge this complicated problem.

Why is Capital Technologies & Research?

By having a team of professionals and experts in their respective fields, Capital Technologies & Research officially founded in Romania. Capital Technologies & Research will develop a decentralized personal communication system where users can easily enjoy their personal communication without worrying about their privacy.
Of course, Capital adopts advanced technology, Blockchain technology to provide smart solutions. Because blockchain is peer to peer and has the principle that blockchain technology conditions every activity or transaction network automatically to replicate transaction and mutual data
verify existing data. This makes blockchain technology relatively far more powerful in dealing with hacker attacks compared to traditional systems that are complicated because there is always a minimum of 1 server running for handle transactions.



Besides providing solutions in terms of technology and privacy, thanks to blockchain which has an important role in creating cryptocurrency, Capital Technologies & Research creates CapitalGAS (CALLG) Tokens (CALLs). Well, each of these tokens is used with a different purpose. CALL for session initialization and CapitalGAS (CALLG) is used to exchange encrypted data across the network, in the Gas Per Byte payment method. The two tokens are supported by the Ethereum platform which is the basis of the smart contract for the purpose of assisting in shares, exchange of funds, property and other values so that it is very possible for the absence of intermediaries.

This is a unique concept and strategy because it has an online platform that can reduce monthly costs much cheaper to customers and replace the income that is currently generated from charging personal messaging customers and voice calls throughout the month from digital advertising. As we know in this digital era, Ponsel or Smartphones become the needs of anyone and for that Capital is present right in the midst of various groups who need a more efficient and safe system by collaborating internet technology and blockchain technology for communication purposes, then there are no parties who can falsify or modify data or information.


Privacy is the right of every individual and we must respect each other’s privacy. but don’t let privacy concerns become an obstacle to interact and open the world window through the internet. So, with Capital Technologies & Research free yourself to interact with the world.



About Token Sale Details

  • Coin types: Erc20
  • Ticker: CALL & CALLG
  • Hard Cap: 30,417,515 USD $
  • Soft Cap: 4,642,115 USD
  • Token supply: 105,000,000 CALL & CALLG
  • 1 CALL & 200 CALLG$0.80 (Main Sale)











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