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Introduction Buying

The Digital economy without realizing it at this time can make the country’s economy better, including its people. Digital utilization should be done as well as possible. Buying platform is present by collaborating blockchain amid the upheaval of cutting-edge technology. is the first e-commerce pioneer to enable consumers to buy directly from manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors.

Blockchain technology which is the originator of cryptocurrency has now been adopted by various industries. Blockchain revolutionizes traditional retail systems from traditional systems to decentralized and replaces intermediaries and entire supply chains built on inefficiencies.

Buying This is the next generation of Decentralized E-Commerce Platform that leverages the power of Blockchain technology along with innovation in Bulk Pricing, Real-time Logistics, E-Commerce and Cryptocurrency. Our Main Protocol feature, WeBuy *, will hit retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, or low-level liquidators to offer the best prices on products. Each individual will receive the best price by combining their purchasing power with others who are interested in buying the same product.

Blockchain innovation can definitely change the customary and online retail ventures by giving a stage to guide deals with shoppers. Through Buying, Blockchain can transparently allow retailers, producers, traders and wholesalers to show buyers specifically, and offer buyers a minimum amount of demand, which essentially reduces their costs more efficiently.

Problems And Solutions

Blockchain allows for a transparent market, not with hidden costs. One of the biggest problems that disrupt the e-commerce space is that there are still many people who do not fully trust online shopping because of the many cases of data fraud and theft and lack of transparency. By combining blockchain all can be monitored, and also encourages higher customer loyalty and market efficiency, making the experience more enjoyable and trustworthy for all parties.

Then in terms of trust and security, this is still a big challenge that must be resolved together. This transparency applies not only to costs but also to supply chains. By adopting blockchain technology into wholesale retail space, consumers can participate in a fully informed ecosystem. Consumers have the power to know about the entire supply chain, which means they can see where the goods are sourced, market development, internal logistics, where these items are stored and how they are sold. this allows increased consumer confidence in wholesale retailers.

Usually, purchases at large parties make consumers want a large discount, right?
Well, Buying provides solutions through Webuy features which are the main features of the Buying Platform that will help increase retailers, producers, wholesalers, or low-level liquidators to offer the best prices and will also receive the best prices on products.

The birth of e-commerce gave birth to a marketplace or retail business online. With the existence of Blockchain as a powerful exchange medium between buyers and sellers, transactions become more transparent and do not change considering blockchain cannot be hacked. Each transaction is recorded and made publicly available in one network. Blockchain technology gives consumers unimpeded access to products directly from wholesalers, without expensive progressive mark-ups through traditional retail value chains.

If invoicing is a multi-billion-dollar-a-year trade problem that is detrimental to billions of retailers, then Purchasing uses Prime-Protect technology that is able to store transactions until customers receive goods and feel satisfied with the purchases they have purchased. Funds are disbursed cleanly without any chargeback to the retailer and Buying will do it faster and cheaper.

Of course, sufficient infrastructure is needed to run e-commerce, infrastructure problems can be in the form of data, logistics, reach that can later be utilized by retailers and e-commerce entrepreneurs. for that, Buying enters correctly and is able to solve solutions through Genesis Data Level Features * will enable all retailers, e-commerce players, distributors, wholesalers, or peer-to-peer networks to upload their inventory. Prices, conditions and descriptions requested from each item in the event will be known. This information will be enclosed geographically so that it is unique to each user’s location.

Every buyer, both large and small parties will want a fast and precise delivery through the E-commerce-on-Demand feature * combining Genesis * and our own IDeliver * infrastructure, many of the current FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) will be ordered from application and sent to the consumer door in 2 hours. This fast-moving delivery system will empower all e-commerce and retail players to not only compete but in many cases, surpassing other giants in industries that have different advantages. Our advantages will be disruptive and transformative in the e-commerce sector. And can be ensured Integration of blockchain technology can accelerate this growth by creating a more transparent, competitive and cost-effective market for buyers and sellers.



ICO Details

  • Total Token sum Value: $50,500,000.00












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