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Why do you do trading business ?? Of course, your answer is to get profit. Trading business can advance if its benefits can be used to expand or intensify. However, to increase profits is not easy because many factors influence and sometimes are unexpected. Especially if there are many competitors in similar businesses that have better appeal in the eyes of consumers. For that, as a businessman, you must have tricks on how to get loyal customers.

In this digital and modern era, online shopping is changing the shopping activities of people around the world. Now through the internet technology, shopping is getting easier. Not only for consumers, opening online trading stations makes it easy for retailers and large parties to promote products. This is proof that humans in this modern era have been spoiled by technology.
Product details are important to support your trading activities, but sometimes, retailers only sell without actually analyzing and understanding what consumers really want to buy.
Coupled with competitors who have large parties to make lower-middle retailers become less confident.

Business people should not think sceptically and must always innovate to get lots of loyal customers. technology is rapidly developing making transforming your business as a retailer easier. Shopin will help revolutionize the way your business works because Shopin has the concept that retailers must be given tools and access to data for a more equitable and sustainable retail economy.

What makes the Shopin Platform Different?

As the world’s first decentralized shopper icon, Shopin empowers the retail paradigm that provides incentives for buyers and retailers to work together to get the most valuable retail experience.
By combining the advantages of Blockchain technology and the power of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Shopin brings together retailers and their customers through personalized intelligence data by connecting directly between retailers and buyers can offer more valuable offers and prizes. A peer to peer blockchain will help retailers get real-time shopper purchase data and verified buyer preferences to better understand their customers and the products they want to buy.

Have you ever thought, why does Shopin Platform use blockchain technology, even though Shopin is engaged in the shopping industry? Well, we will outline a number of advantages by adopting the magic of blockchain technology.



The benefit for retailers is that they can create a safer data management infrastructure because it uses a decentralized data management system. Whereas for Buyers, they can feel confident and no need to be sceptical about choosing a program that keeps their identity safe, without fear of data breaches that become nightmares. Through Brands, you can track exactly where their products come from and consumers don’t have to worry about buying counterfeit goods because there will be a blockchain-supported log that proves that the item is legal and the products they make from ingredients that are truly quality. Of course, this can only be done using blockchain technology.

That is why the retail world must adopt Blockchain because along with the human mindset that is advanced and critical. Blockchain can actually cut the budget that is not effective in spending and promoting advertising. Shopin is a step closer to implementing a vision of a more sustainable retail economy where retailers and buyers become stronger by sharing the benefits of rewards based on the value of the data they fully have and can share.




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