Rubius Platform – The Future Perfect Platform for Cryptocurrency Transactions

In this sophisticated era, most people want something that is instant and effective. technology that is increasingly evolving changes the pattern of human life, of course. as well as how to develop assets, it seems investment is a way that is considered simple but investing through cryptocurrency, which has no physical value, many think it is only a waste of money and time because the price is volatile, unlike gold or land which always rises every year. Moreover, banks and cryptocurrency are considered very cross-border, and cryptocurrency is a problem in banking,

And Rubius is here to bridge the dilemma that occurs between cryptocurrency lovers and those who feel more secure by saving assets in the bank.
Well, Rubius startup which has a unique concept with its software system designed to facilitate economic development through banking has a strategy to create tools that will make banking unsafe come true. collaborate with several partners such as Megapath, Word coin Network, Daviann etc.

Rubius adopts blockchain technology to provide solutions to financial problems, Rubius Inc. has formed strategic partnerships with the telecommunications business, network security, and cloud services giant MegaPath Inc. and Fusion. besides, the goal in Rubius is to build a better blockchain wallet that everyone can use. Rubius’s solution called Aryl is an open-source application based on the Ethereum blockchain platform.


Rubius Platform Advantages

One that makes Rubius different is provided solutions to people who are confused about using cryptocurrency. Yes, most people think that volatile cryptocurrency prices can make people frustrated especially if they have to buy cryptocurrency and exchange it into fiat currency. But Rubius will solve this problem through the Aryl Rubius application which is designed to make cryptocurrency transactions quickly and as easily as sending money via PayPal Venmo.

In addition, Aryl authorizes users to send, receive, or request payments in fiat, Ethereum (ETH), or Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens in the application. This will include Rubius’s ERC20 Tokens – the Rubius (RUBY) Rubric coin.

And the important point of Aryl’s success is by having the Volatility Shield feature designed to make cryptocurrency transactions as easy as pressing a button. The Shield feature automatically converts currencies for you by accessing the Rubiex exchange API. The feature saves time and money by eliminating the need to make new transactions every time a payment is received or made and can limit losses due to volatility in the cryptocurrency market.

All sounds really easy, isn’t it? Yes, right .. Rubius platform will make it easier for you in fiat and cryptocurrency transactions, Rubius is undoubted with superior features that help you explore the cryptocurrency market. Of course not escape the important role of blockchain technology that makes transactions safer, transparent and efficient.


Token Sale Details

Main sale dates: 21st August – 28th September 2018

  • Price of tokens is 1 ETH: 7,000 RUBY
  • Total supply:  300,000,000 RUBY (excluding bonuses)
  • Min. Investment: 0.05 ETH
  • Accepted currencies: ETH











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4 thoughts on “Rubius Platform – The Future Perfect Platform for Cryptocurrency Transactions

  1. The platform is very helpful to someone who doesn’t know about cryptocurrency can do it, so they can make the transaction quickly

  2. hopefully this platform can be a new solution for cryptocurrency trading with various features that are better than other existing platform

  3. A great company headed by a team of specialist, the output of which will change forever the concept of cryptocurrency , i advice everyone to participate in this project

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