MovieCoin- The Fintech Platform for the Entertainment Industry By collaborates the BANKEX

Humans and technology cannot be separated in the modern era at this time. We know that technological developments are very rapid at this time as if to facilitate and spoil humans in carrying out their life activities. Innovation is always made by humans and revolutionizes so that any activity is more efficient.

Whenever and wherever, technology seems to have become an integral part of our lives. At home, on the road, at work, at school or campus, in a shopping centre, at a place of recreation or entertainment, in government offices, etc. technology is present to fill every aspect of our lives. Especially in an infrastructure and industry, technology develops so rapidly and provides convenience for humans. Through technology, you can appreciate your hobby. As we know that the development of internet technology is able to bring you open the window of the world.

The development of the latest technology does not stop there. since the advent of Bitcoin in 2009, a new technology called Blockcahin technology has become a phenomenon in various worlds. well, blockchain technology is considered the technology of the future and because of its superiority, Blockchain continues to experience development over time so that this advanced technology can be used in various aspects of life, various industries and various communities.
Even in the financial and film industry, Blockchain was adopted so that transactions occur efficiently and transparently. Moviecoin is present by utilizing Blockchain technology for the purpose of increasing inefficient workflows throughout the film and television industry by replacing outdated financing and accounting practices with transparent, frictionless and automatic systems.

What is Movecoin?

MovieCoin is a company based in Vancouver, British Columbia and Santa Monica, California. MovieCoin was founded by Mr Christopher Woodrow, he has a strategic vision of the company and oversees the global development of brands and franchises. He has financed and produced many feature films including “Black Mass” and “Hacksaw Ridge” box office successes as well as a critically acclaimed hit “Birdman.” Mr Films Woodrow has earned more than $ 700 million worldwide and was nominated for 16 Academy Awards® and won 6 Oscars® including Best Picture.

No doubt that the Moviecoin platform is revolutionizing future financial technology and blockchain-based entertainment financing, and intends to improve the work system that is still traditional and inefficient throughout the film and television industry by replacing peer to peer or transparent and instant systems. Through the ICO Project, it will open up investment opportunities to the investor class to get broad coverage because Moviecoin creates cryptographic tokens to provide innovative solutions for businesses to participate in the film experience and generate assets for mutual benefit.



The use of Blockchain technology above is proof that Blockchain can be the answer to the problems that occur in the world community and not only that, the presence of Blockchain technology indirectly will also encourage digital transformation for companies in the world. By having an experienced team and experts, MovieCoin believes that modern technology namely Blockchain technology is able to provide solutions and present great opportunities to revolutionize financing in the film industry. The MovieCoin platform has a unique concept because collaborates with the BANKEX Proof of Asset Protocol that will enable new films funded by cryptocurrency, especially Hollywood.


Token Sale Details

Moviecoin created the MOV Token and through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) system will make it easier for investors to participate in this phenomenal project.







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  1. moviecoin can create cryptographic tokens to provide innovative solutions for businesses and experience enjoying entertainment such as films that attract and generate these profitable assets.

  2. the next generation financial technology company focused on leveraging blockchain technology, proprietary applications cryptographic token

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