Geeba – Bringing a Smile to Delivery

Since various expedition services are present in the midst of people’s lives, sending goods to different areas is now increasingly easy. Even you can send goods abroad with certain procedures.

Missing important shipping information can result in delays for your business. Keep up with all information about incoming and outgoing shipments, wherever you are through desktops, cell phones and tablets. With an integrated tracking system, you will get status updates directly.

Geeba is a decentralized delivery ecosystem that enables businesses to operate deliveries with autonomous vehicles and smart hubs. The high costs, lack of efficiency, and demand for deliveries today enables Geeba to introduce a new approach to the industry by allowing the community to actively participate in the evolution through leverage blockchain. Geeba wants to disrupt local deliveries with blockchain, droids and drones

For those of you who have shopped online, of course already familiar with freight forwarding services. Yes, besides being more effective in shipping time, using shipping services certainly also provides more benefits if the goods or transactions are quite large.

Goods delivery services are also a mainstay for large sellers or companies. Because, for large sellers or companies that require the delivery of large quantities of goods and remote shipping places, of course, it is very unlikely to do their own shipment.

In addition, the more widespread online buying and selling nowadays, making more people need shipping services to deliver various items.



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