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Economic growth in various countries has evolved in this modern era. we are faced with many choices to continue to maintain assets for the future. well, investment is one way to save assets in the long run. Any investment is certainly what you think is in accordance with your passion.

Your choices can be through digital investment or real business investments such as property. Well, if you talk about investment and digital assets, the emergence of Bitcoin as a digital currency begins to make a new transformation in the world of investment. The presence of Cryptocurrency is an alternative to storing digital assets. Of course, the birth of cryptocurrency does not escape the important role of a technology, Blockchain technology. The blockchain is a solution in the financial industry, therefore, blockchain is adopted by banks in the world.

The pros and cons of digital assets are talking because cryptocurrency investments are considered only detrimental to fluctuating prices without clarity and some people prefer real estate investment or even save their assets at the Bank. But what if real estate investment through cryptocurrency?

The Advantages Of Elements Estates Platform

The more sophisticated the technology some lay people are faced with in terms of security if they want to invest. For this reason, the Element Estate is present to address this problem because the aim of Element Estate Platform is to offer everyone the opportunity to benefit from the problematic and undervalued real estate asset opportunities associated with Blockchain.

By adopting blockchain, the Element estate has a decentralized system that creates an ELES token that will be used as a payment tool on the platform, accessing real-time updates on projects that are being developed, for all other services connected with modern residential, commercial and tourist properties.
In addition, the benefits that will be obtained by token holders can utilize the growing tourism industry by renting modern properties such as apartments, villas, etc. To tourists. Token holders will also be able to buy or rent newly developed properties, and information about properties that are funded including their status and provide payment cards that support ELES.

Token holders certainly get profit, investment benefits and opportunities, for example, can buy their property less because ELES property will be sold in the market at a favourable price so that everyone will be able to buy more for their money.

Elements Estates has a team of professionals in every skill so that they are able to take advantage of the market prey for global participation so that if you run real estate investment it becomes an unlimited experience.

The presence of cryptocurrency changes the way and mindset of people in making decisions when processing assets because cryptocurrency transforms the investment system into more efficient and transparent. No wonder through the ICO investor project treats various prospects and investment goals. Investors from all over the world don’t see where you are, whether you are professional or how high your education is now given real-time investment opportunities through a hassle-free and decentralized platform. This is your way out of traditional methods that are not efficient.


What makes Elements Estates different?

Element Estate, present in SEE countries (Greece, Croatia, Slovenia and Cyprus). By using your ELES token will be able to participate in the purchase of property in the SEE region. Yes, Element Estate by having a Soft cap that has been achieved can give you opportunities to get real estate profits because Elements Estates focuses on very specific market conditions that fully understand favourable conditions. By having a unique concept and strategy, The platform’s innovative funding mechanism will continue to continually examine available residential and commercial property against market conditions for the benefit of token holders.



Token Sale Details

  • Symbol: ELES
  • Total Supply: 250,000,000 (100%)
  • Soft Cap: 2.5 million USD ( Has Been Reached )
  • Hard Cap: 50 million USD
  • Token Value: 0.55 USD
  • Token Type: ERC-20









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