DAEX – Decentralized Ecosystems for Bridging Crypto Traders and Markets and Securing Digital Assets

Cryptocurrency has become a phenomenon since the advent of Bitcoin in 2009 and almost all people talk about Bitcoin. Pros and Cons certainly appear in various worlds. Yes, because prices are volatile, some communities consider investing in Bitcoin as something that can be detrimental, a waste of time and its existence is only for a moment. However, Traders and Investors who have felt how to make a profit from this Cryptocurrency, still believe that Bitcoin will still exist, because fluctuating prices are a natural thing.

If many people kept their assets in the form of property or real estate before, now Cryptocurrency has provided transformations that are quite capable of changing the human mindset. Well, some people choose to save their assets in the form of long-term digital assets. But what about newcomers who may be afraid or worried if they store digital assets in the form of crypto? Of course, hackers become a nightmare for them.

In fact, storing assets both digitally and real estate certainly has their own risks. But in this modern era, technology is growing in line with the human mindset, which sure wants to create new innovations to help their lives. Well, this new technology will give you a solution to your worries. The technology is Blockchain technology where Blockchain has an important role in creating cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. The Blockchain is referred to as a future solution especially in the financial industry.

As a Trader, of course, you want your crypto assets to be safe, right? And through DAEX Blockchain will solve your worries because Daex (Digital Assets Exchange) is a transparent and decentralized ecosystem and is a market link or cryptocurrency exchange. And through DAEX you can trust your crypto wealth assets. DAEX is able to arrange transactions and payments that have been programmed into DAEX Clearing Smart Contract or Clearing Chain. And certainly, the clearing process is automatic without interference from 3rd parties. Combining Blockchain which is peer to peer is able to run transactions safely, efficiently and transparently without involving many parties.

What Makes DAEX Projects More Superior and Different?


As we know, DAEX has been registered with the Indonesian Exchanger, INDODAX. This shows the existence of a large and trusted project. In addition to Indonesia, DAEX is able to penetrate the markets of Russia, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore and Australia. Benjamin who is the Founder of DAEX with extensive experience in financial services companies and Chinese and US software companies and is assisted by a team of experts and experienced in financial, marketing and application of the DAEX Blockchain having a brilliant strategy by expanding its global crossing further collaborate with IAME. IAME will provide solutions to protect and facilitate cryptocurrency users and will help verify decentralized identity and security of personal data based on sharding.

Undoubtedly, DAEX has been listed on several exchanges and will provide a strong foundation for the future and serve as a means to store transaction data aimed at various types of digital assets through its DAEX Clearing Chain. In addition to several exchanges mentioned that there is Tokenomy which is a tokenization platform, Tokenomy supports the Public Sale DAEX which is currently underway. And DAEX will be traded again after the public sale is complete. Also, if you are interested and have a verified Tokenomy Account, it will make it easier for you to participate.


ICO Details

  • Token: DAX
  • Soft Cap: 7,000 ETH
  • Hard cap: 10,000 ETH
  • Price: 0.07 USD
  • Minimum investment: 2 ETH





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