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Most people love travelling, certainly. and not a bit of travelling becomes a hobby of each individual. Travelling is a very exciting hobby, this will definitely be approved by us-we are travelling as a hobby. Can walk around in the country or even travelling throughout the world may be memorable because everyone has their own way to interpret a journey.

Travelling, in my opinion, can be likened to the adventure and looking for new things to be made experience because by having a new experience can share with others. what else if you travel to a place that has not been explored by many people. During the trip, of course, many things that we can find. this is going to be a worthwhile adventure to share

Seeing the enthusiasm in travelling is certainly good to take advantage of business opportunities for the travel industry. The travel industry is one of the emerging industries amidst the stretch of society that is fond of travelling. So, how the future of the travel industry ten years to come? This digital era, there needs to be changed regarding the planning and reservation considering the technology is growing more advanced. if you see that blockchain technology is present in the middle of this modern era since the emergence of bitcoin into a world phenomenon, of course, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies also be one way in transacting.

And the advancement of blockchain technology will transform a system more efficiently and transparently than traditional systems because as we know that traditional systems cost more. But what if I travel by using a cryptocurrency payment system? Well, this will be more interesting because of theTraveler Platform will bridge this issue.



so many business opportunities that the travel industry can take advantage of. not just profit but also give the same benefits to users. The rapid development of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies has an impact on the global industry at every level. However, the travel industry remains an area with untapped potential

Traveler is a crypto-friendly discount travel aggregation platform offering lower prices on travel products and services to consumers than traditional outlets, through an internal real-time crypto to fiat exchange and use of the native Traveler utility token. evolves today’s $7.6 trillion global travel industry by accepting cryptocurrency and including the use of the TVLR token. We drive savings by aggregating content and the lowest possible pricing from resellers with the best prices all over the world. Optimal savings of up to 60% are passed onto our travel customers.

By adopting the blockchain technology TRAVELER has many advanced features:

Cloud-based travel with data stored in the blockchain, since cryptocurrency became popular since the advent of bitcoin then, the Travelers created the TVLR token and other Crypto received to buy the trip, you can buy and store TVLR safely and securely. And saving on a trip is everyone’s wish and you can have as well as get more out of your trip with a 20-50%.



And it can’t be denied that virtual reality will be able to offer travellers the opportunity to try before buying that allows them to book hotels, flights, car rentals and other travel services with a zero profit margin added to customers net pricing paying to aggregators or direct suppliers on OTA current.

That’s why Our TVLR Token buyers will buy effectively travel at the lowest net price negotiated by the smartest wholesale smartest buyers around the world. And no doubt will be the first fair market travel platform in the world that is optimized to receive cryptocurrency. In the era of advanced technology, of course, consumers need everything that is fast-paced. This can be seen from the behaviour of consumers who prefer online transport (online) that offers speed. Well, using technology blockchain transaction will happen instantly, more efficient and transparent.


Token Sale Details

  • Type: ERC 20
  • Token Price: ($0.20)
  • Supply: 1,000,000,000 TVLR
  • The Token is equivalent on the TVLR website to $1


Token Allocation

  • Sold in the token Sale: 36.1%
  • Retained by 34.4%
  • Token Sale Costs: 2 %
  • Sponsors, Advisors, Incentives to Eco-System: 27.5 %








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