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The Advantages Of The SpringRole Platform

So far, as we know that companies engaged in the banking sector, financial technology, tourism, and insurance should collect photo ID cards that display the face of customers to verify their identity. And now data verification becomes mandatory for every individual if you want to do other work. Most companies experience system confusion if there are two different people who claim they have the same identification. Then verifiable data verification is required.

Imagine if you want to apply for a job where they need your detailed data profile including your experience. Well, After finished the path of education, then now is the time you start to enter the world commonly referred to as the real world, namely the world of work. In this phase, you are required to be more independent and dare to apply your learning to become professional.

In this modern era, there have been many job openings that offer an online and platforms that can see your background in detail for example through a social media aimed at professionals to promote you to companies or other professionals around the world and expand your connection.

Of course, the accuracy of the data is very necessary to support and facilitate a company to know about your expertise, and that is needed verification of data that is fast and transparent. but data privacy concerns sometimes become a nightmare for many people. for that SpringRole present bridge your profile verification issue for the purpose of professionalism.

In addition, Creating an impressive resume is a must for every applicant. Candidates do not quite meet the criteria specified by the company but need to have more value that makes it superior to other applicants. Through SpringRole by combining blockchain technology and using Spring network, it aims to optimize the approach in assessing one’s skills and create verifiable resumes can share and use. This is a platform that is able to show the quality, skills, advantages and uniqueness that you have so that into consideration every company.



Thanks to the advantages of blockchain technology, the verification and validation process becomes more secure and flexible. SpringRole is a network of decentralized endorsements so people can view, share and obtain certification of their professional profiles. Well, SpringRole with its transparent system makes it easy for you to be recruited by the company and this will be a great opportunity, certainly. Because the SpringRole platform is able to combine challenges to prove your skills and strengths.

Token Sale Details

  • Token: SPRING
  • Price 1 SPRING = 0.00002 ETH
  • Soft cap 1,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap 12,000,000 USD












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