4NEW – Green Powered Waste-To-Energy Crypto Mining

How Does Waste Work in the Digital World?


It can’t be denied that in this digital era it is pushing people around the world to learn how to save. Well, technology can help you to save time in completing a job. and shopping through online would certainly save your time and money. how if in everyday life you throw so much waste? whether the waste can be saved? – Of course not. Any savings concerns about time, money and food, maybe you can save but not to waste.

In this growing world, conventional forms of energy have moved quickly toward extinction and also contribute directly to global issues such as the greenhouse effect and global warming. Every month millions of tons of waste are produced. Whether the waste is part of a landfill or industrial waste. This causes a hugely adverse effect on the environment in the wildlife, ecosystem and of course human health. Good waste handling will ensure comfort for everyone. In terms of sanitation, good waste management will ensure a clean place of work, Prevent the occurrence of environmental pollution, Prevent the proliferation of pests and disease vectors.

Indeed waste can be very useful if in if it becomes an energy, for example, power generation. The need to innovate by using alternative energy sources or non-conventional energy has become an important discourse for today’s world society. One of them is the creation of a Generator Power Plant which is a new way to generate energy in the form of heat or electricity from waste. This will be more interesting because the technology that recently emerged that is blockchain technology will be adopted by this project. As we know that blockchain technology has an important role in the creation of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Well, the project is 4New. Where 4New is a project that will generate energy from waste. Collect waste from our environment to generate electricity to be used in the mining of either 4 new coins called Kwatt coin and not only Kwatt coins but also used in other cryptocurrency mining. As we know because of the great power and energy needed to mining cryptocurrency.


How Can the 4New Platform Solve various waste problems?


4NEW is the world’s first eco-friendly, tangible, waste to energy power plant entirely integrated on the blockchain network and dedicated to crypto-mining. We collect the waste, process it through a high pressured combustion chamber generating free energy and organic byproducts. We apply this free energy to an onsite crypto-mining farm resolving Achilles’s heel of cryptocurrencies; voracious energy consumption met with free energy production. We are producers of energy, NOT an energy exchange platform.

Using increasingly advanced science technology, this method is expected to reduce the number of waste increments that each day accumulate using a fairly simple system, the process of refining the waste product into water and creating organic materials and then being used for sale to the national network or applied to operate mining processes at on-site mining quarries.

Waste is a problem in the big cities around the world. But, 4New Team is proud to announce the world’s first coin, which manifests electricity. Of course, as a miner, you know very well that mining tools require a lot of power if you mining ethereum or bitcoin. 4NEW has a unique concept because there will be no cost of energy costs for mining, while the only cost to the coin holders is the cost of the coin.




The choice will consist of the top twenty coins, which will automatically indicate the number of hash rates required to mine the coin. Results will be transacted to the account associated with your 4NEW Wallet and with KWATT coins, they will be able to risk their token on the network that allows the consumer the power to use the stalked coin to process crypto transactions for currencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Dash in among others.

By Combining blockchain technology that is considered a future solution to saving time and making instant, transparent and efficient transactions KWATT coins allow us to fractionate the capacity of the power generation output to the most basic unit, kilowatt hours that have been successfully configured and electrically pegged 4NEW is a power producer, not an exchange.




Theoretically waste disposal will be a profitable and environmentally friendly business if turning the sprouts into energy. Therefore the 4New Project should be supported. 4NEW is the world’s first eco-friendly environmental blockchain ecosystem powered by waste for power generation.


ICO Details

  • FRNCoin is an ERC20 Utility Token
  • 1 FRNC = 1 USD
  • KWATT is the Token Symbol
  • 1 KWATT = $2
  • Total Supply: 300,000,000 FRNC
  • Hard cap: 75 000 000 USD
  • How to add FRNCoin as a custom token to see it in your MEW/Metamask Wallet:
    •Under “Token Balances”, click “Add
    Custom Token”.
    •Copy/paste KWATT token address:
    •Token Symbol: KWATT
    •Decimals: 18







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  1. bring new power technology for mining, and another innovation for people to save everything in their life, make this project look very promising.

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