Blockshipping – Transforming The Global Container Shipping Industry

Blockshipping Solved the Issue in Shipping Industry

In the world of economy and logistics, the use of containers to transport goods has grown rapidly. And containers are closely related to the shipping industry. Therefore, Port is one of the important transportation infrastructures for a country, especially in the maritime country. Ports and shipping industry is spearheading in the international trade and business sector because commercial shipping is urgently needed and plays a key role because almost all export and import activities are transported using containers by sea.
However, the many obstacles in delivery problems will hamper all the operations of the shipping industry. such as changes in shipping industry regulations, then overcapacity that can lead to freight of containers being slow and potentially causing the density of goods flow and disrupting dwelling time, this is not efficient, right?
As well as the most important thing is the security in running the activities of shipping.

Blockshipping comes to bridge the problem and deliver solutions in the shipping industry by creating a blocked-down GSCP-based GSCP platform to enable all players in the shipping industry to perform various transactions and activities related to container handling such as sender and receiver interactions, port hubs, transportation, insurance companies, and many other participants in the long logistics chain.

Blockshipping’s Global Shared Container Platform (GSCP) is designed to make key processes in container handling globally significantly more efficient and thus solve some of the most important issues in the container shipping industry and the purpose of the GSCP platform is to provide an active blockchain container registry assets (such as ship registers) where a full container global inventory (about 27 million units) is listed along with the real-time location of every single container worldwide.
The workings of the GSCP platform will make it easier to add/remove containers from shared pools on the platform. The most important component in the GSCP Platform is the predictive algorithm for repositioning empty containers which is why it is important to ensure that this algorithm is world class. which means that the container operator can use this algorithm to optimize their internal flow even if the container is not part of a collection of containers with the GSCP platform. of course, the operator can use the GSCP repositioning algorithm as a service.

With this sophisticated system will certainly help and facilitate logistics activities in the shipping industry, you can say goodbye to the hubbub that happened and move forward to generate profit. because Blockshipping through ICO programs and collaborating with smart contract creates Token. Token Internal ( CPT) and Token External (CCC) tokens. Through CPT, Only those who use the Blockshipping service will be able to access the token and will run on the internal Blockchain. So it can be used to pay anything for the maintenance and repair of containers to transport it at the cost of trains or yards. The price will be fixed at $1 per token. Whereas CCC is one that will make payment to the token holder of revenue generated by Blockshipping operations. This will be the ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. Token Price: 1 CCC Token = 0.62 USD or equivalent in ETH/BTC.


If you want to participate, you can get more information through our website. Do not miss this amazing project because Blockshipping is the world’s first booming project in the global shipping container industry.

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