Multiversum – A Relational Blockchain as a Service for Crypto-Relational Database

About Multiversum

The Blockchain technology is called a future solution to solve problems, especially for the financial sector. no denying the birth of bitcoin and cryptocurrency is none other because of the important role of blockchain technology. Well, true blockchain technology has many definitions but will have dependent meaning for what purpose is implemented. With the rapid development of technology, Blockchain technology is adopted by various industries. such as the healthcare industry, the logistics industry, the marketing industry and many others. of course blockchain technology is associated with data either his privacy issues or data transmission.

But Blockchain technology has brought the solution and at the same time created its own problems, because the data structure is very complex for the interface for the not so understand the technology, especially the corporate environment. Not only that, they do not provide back-end control or access to the security and integrity of the system. These problems have complicated the adoption by most institutions, industry, finance and government

Multiversum offers greater scalability and faster transactions and improves blockchain-based security by validating and making structures change so as to increase traceability.
Multiversum offers complex data organization, not data sequencing, chain separation
and recombines to allow greater scalability and parallelism, and the concept of Validate Evidence of integrity (ie, cryptographic proof of server code) rather than an Existing Proof of Works or Proof of Stake solutions. Furthermore, Multiversum will feature ERC20 / ERC23 integration, allowing coins and tokens from other solutions to be hosted in our chain and vice versa, with notary services
as an external confirmation method. Meanwhile, along with this innovation, we will surely take advantage of some great solutions that our associates have implemented from time to time.

Multiversum is different because Multiversum is a 4th generation relational blockchain crypto. Multiversum uses a unique approach by creating flexible data chains that meet the complexities of industrial and corporate environments. It uses a new feature of blockchain in which data is structured in a multidimensional way such as tables like those used in relational databases. Because Multiversum is an interoperable blockchain that leverages innovative multidimensional relationships to store data for businesses, corporations, governments, banks, and organizations that seek to harness the power of blockchain technology for their operations.

Talking about blockchain technology actually, Analogy of how the blockchain work almost the same as the cash book in the bank that records all transactions done by its users. The only difference is that only the authorities can access the transactions information in the bank’s cash book, while the transactions through blockchain can be seen by all users because the information collected is also distributed to everyone running the server. Additionally, since server access is granted to everyone, no party can fake or modify the transaction. Therefore, when one server suffered a hack, the server
it can be ignored because it is considered to have data that is different from the majority of other server networks. This makes blockchain technology a much more powerful attack than a centralized technology because there is always at least 1 server running to handle transactions.
And Multiversum has innovative and Unique because of its structure on well-consolidated classical methods, practices, and values of classical IT, which although used in a few years is still unknown in the world of cryptocurrency. Furthermore, when we think that our security standards are the best, we will organize a “Contest-Hacker” with a striking gift for who will succeed in breaking the system, helping us recognize its weakness.


Token Sale Details

  • ICO 01-05-2018 to 10-06-2018
  • Token value: 1 USD
  • Symbol:  MTV
  • SOFT CAP: 5,000,000 USD
  • HARD CAP: 35,000,000 USD
  • TOTAL SUPPLY 141,000,000 MTV













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