ALLSTOCKS – Connecting the world of Traditional Finance to Crypto-Markets

Preparing finances for the future would have been an obligation. In addition to saving, investment becomes an activity that must be done. The choice of investment itself is very much. Starting from buying a house, land, or jewellery, to building a business. However, there is actually one other investment instrument that is not less seductive but often avoided by most people. the emergence of bitcoin becomes one of the tantalizing for some people to invest in the world of cryptocurrency. For newcomers, there may still be a lot to worry about when investing or trading in the world of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency as a digital asset is designed to work like an exchange medium that uses cryptography to secure transactions, to control the creation of additional units, and to verify asset transfers.
So much cryptocurrency has sprung up in the virtual world. It has been recorded to date, there are more than 1000 species of cryptocurrency in the world. The amount of crypto that can be monitored through the Coinmarketcap is of course even far exceeds the amount of Fiat Money in the world. These facts, while confirming that the world of crypto is unstoppable again. no doubt if many people call now is the Era of cryptocurrency.

And through ALLSTOCKS, our goal is connecting the world of Traditional Finance to Crypto-Markets. By using ERC20 standard ALLSTOCKS Network is a distributed global stock exchange platform aimed at to interact with all major stock exchanges and stockbrokers worldwide. It also allows trading of crypto token supported by financial real assets. This network will create a decentralized system, which will allow all stakeholders to trade with the appropriate tokens. Asset this backup will be stored in an escrow account.

In various corners of the world, the world can not be separated how to prepare strategies to tackle the big issue of inflation that increasingly unstoppable that must be experienced by Fiat Money. Some countries then tried to adopt the crypto world, began to make research and research, or even begin to apply it into its own digital currency for their respective regional. Through the ALLSTOCKS platform will certainly reduce the gap between fiat money and cryptocurrency. By combining Blockchain technology, transactions will instantly, transparently and more efficiently. Blockchain networks are peer to peer and cannot be hacked, so the ALLSTOCKS platform allows investors to manage multiple investment portfolios, it will also enable companies to easily and flexibly capitalize.



Token Details

  • Token: AST
  • Pre-ICO Price 1 AST = 0.0016 ETH
  • Price 1 AST = 0.002 ETH
  • Total tokens supply: 50,000,000 AST tokens.
  • AST Token prices:
    April 15 – April 30, Stage one: 625 AST = 1.00 ETH (25% Bonus)
    May 1 – June 15, Stage two: 550 AST = 1.00 ETH (10% Bonus)
    June 16 – June 30, Stage three: 500 AST = 1.00 ETH (No Bonus)





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