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Electronic commerce (electronic commerce or e-commerce) is the dissemination, sale, purchase, marketing of goods and services that rely on electronic systems, such as internet, television, or other computer networks. Transactions through the virtual world or the internet lately have become a trend that continues to grow in the wider community. This can be seen from the increasing number of online stores that can easily be found in the wilds of cyberspace. Such transactions are often called e-commerce.

E-commerce involves the transfer of funds and electronic data exchange, management systems and data collection automatically. such as making salary transfers, trading and other payments. There are several types of e-commerce are most often selected, among others:

  • E-commerce business to business (B2B)
    This type of B2B business is done by people or parties with an interest in running a business, where they both know each other and know the business processes that they do. Typically, the type of B2B is done on an ongoing basis because both sides gain mutual benefits and trust each other. An example of a B2B business is when two companies conduct on-line buying transactions, as well as payments made available on credit cards.
  • E-commerce business to consumer (B2C)
    This type of B2C e-commerce is a business that is done between business and consumer. For example, manufacturers sell products to consumers online. Here, the manufacturer will run the business by marketing its products to consumers without any feedback from consumers to do business again. That is, manufacturers only market products or services, while the consumer only as a buyer or user.

Another advantage of E-Commerce is the ease of communicating with the seller and the buyer. In terms of merchandise is also much more tempting because you do not need to spend a high cost to launch a promotion. Only by using the internet network, you can market your product or service widely to the public.

In truth, Trust is the main capital in business and transactions. lack of confidence will certainly lead to friction between the two sides. Through the Peur Market, you can register B2B or B2C and your service company and connect globally through Peur market.
The Peur token payment service serves market merchants revolutionizing traditional payment processors. Peur tokens work with the Peur market, in-app payments, and offline merchants.



Peur Marketplace

By using Blockchain Technology as a solution especially in the financial sector and it will be a smart solution for the future. The blocks that store the data will relate to each other and form a decentralized network or peer to peer Networks (P2P). In blockchain, any data that has been stored or recorded cannot be edited or falsified.

P2P network is a network of agreements, therefore the system is able to present a completely new and efficient payment system and transaction process in the form of cryptocurrency. E-commerce will change all marketing activities and also at the same time cut operational costs for trading activities. Thus providing the advantage of flexibility and efficiency.

The e-commerce business is one promising business so you should not hesitate to try it. And by developing the Peur marketplace, payment solution & payroll integration, we enable merchants to participate in the decentralized economy. All information will be secured and only available to authorized users. Peur token as a digital currency can also be used as payroll integration – a salary payment option. Peur will drive innovation in the way companies pay their employees.

Peur is a truly decentralized marketplace and used as payroll integration. Peur platform is a brand new innovation and unique marketplace service that allows anyone from beginners to experts:

  • to invest in and manage digital assets,
  • to buy and sell products & services,
  • to serve as a currency for in-app payments




Peur is a simple and powerful crypto marketplace for everyone.  Everything you need is available on your smartphones with one simple touch. Peur can be exchanged directly to fiat or other cryptocurrencies from Peur mobile app.
  • No holding period, instant payment for merchants
  • No cash, credit cards or debit cards needed
  • No limit on transaction volume
  • Direct conversion to fiat or other cryptocurrencies without exchangers
  • Loyalty programs and cashback for every transaction
  • Maximum 2% surcharge for every transaction
  • No monthly, annual or membership fees


Certainly, you can transactions using PURC token and Peur market. And What are PURC token and Peur market?

PURC token is tradable speculative cryptocurrency which could be used for short and long investment, transfer money to your friends or family, buy products/services and as your payroll currency.  The Peur marketplace is a platform marketplace where you can buy or sell products/services.

And you can join in Peur Community. Well, Peur Community It’s second home for PURC token holders. The good ecosystem for a vote, trade products/services among members, Peur charity, Peur regional ambassador, participate in Peur upcoming project/plan.

Token Details

You need to have an ERC 20 token wallet in order to purchase PURC token, and you need to create an account in ERC 20 token wallet in order to receive PURC token.

  • Symbol: PURC
  • Price 1 PURC = 0.000125 ETH
  • Total token supply: 200,000,000 PURC
  • Hard Cap: $ 25 Million
  • SOFT CAP: US$ 2.5 Million
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, DASH, LTC

You can purchase PURC via our website during PRE‐SALE and ICO, one month later in minor and major exchanges after ICO end. We will announce the progress after ICO end.





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