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The presence of Bitcoin makes the Cryptocurrency world more alive. Cryptocurrency is very growing rapidly, fluctuating prices make investors and traders interested in entering bitcoin market. By adopting Blockchain Technology, bitcoin becomes more attractive. Blockchain technology plays an important role in the development of bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency.

Even many newcomers flood the world of Cryptocurrency and many experienced traders are familiar with the general term used in the crypto world, and many traders have their own style – be it Daily Trader or Investor. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency can be very scary for those who don’t know or newcomers. For example, if there is a news a coin will be the pumped, newcomers are usually easily affected by the news when it could be that it is only FOMO. They may be afraid of being left behind by good news or a moment to make a profit, and they decide to buy the coin. Even, at a relatively high price, and in the end, a case like this that keeps them trapped and often experienced by many traders and this can make a person mentally down because it is not in line with expectations.

That is why ease of use is a priority on our platform. This decentralized movement has recently gained a big boost thanks to advances in cryptography and the rise of newer cryptocurrencies.

As the blockchain ecosystem grows daily at an exponential rate, innovators are constantly flooding the crypto sphere, with all sorts of innovations both genuine and some sort of organized scams, it is gradually getting difficult for authentic innovations to thrive, and investors are no longer showing interest in real innovations and business projects as they are lost in the chaos without a trusted identity to ensure the authenticity of a special decentralized asset, ICO, Coins and TIF (Tokenized Investment Funds) many scams, Ponzi and MLM schemes have sprung up.

At UTRUM Platform will help investors to decide for themselves which projects are more viable to invest in, educating newbie about blockchain technology, giving developers of blockchain projects a platform to publish their project and finally to give blockchain and cryptocurrency experts a platform to play advisory roles.

What is The Utrum Platform? And How Utrum Platform Solved The Issues?

Utrum Platform is a decentralized platform providing reputation-based and quality-curated Crypto reviews, analysis, and market predictions for cryptocurrency investors and newbies. The ecosystem is designed to reward participants in OOT tokens through an advanced implementation of crowd wisdom, AI, and member-elected “Trustees” who represent the best interests of the network.

Artificial intelligence is the next big technology, Artificial Intelligence is one of the branches of Science related to the use of machines to solve complex problems in a more humane way. This is usually done by following/emulating the characteristics and analogy of thinking of human intelligence, applying it as an algorithm known by the computer and Using these creative business strategies and models.

Utrum Platform makes the Blockchain ecosystem safe for investment and business opportunities for all parties involved. Many well-intentioned investors have lost all life savings due to this understanding gap and lack of reliable sources of analytics, reviews, and verification of investment potential. That’s why, Our goal at Utrum is to bridge this gap, using some of the most powerful decentralized tools available.




The advantages of Blockchain Technology is data transmission occurs instantly, safely, transparently and efficiently. All transactions and data storage are secure because they are replicated across the blockchain network so that to change one data the hacker must also change the same data across all other user’s computers at the same time. This is very unlikely to be done. The Blockchain is like a big book where all transactions are transparent and can be checked by everyone so as to ensure credibility. A blockchain-based solution guarantees transparency, accuracy and quality to provide trust for trustless parties. Utilizing the blockchain, Utrum will provide:

  • Security
    The blockchain provides a secure platform for those who wish to share information (i.e. contributors) and those who wish to access information (i.e. investors)
  • Confidentiality
    One of the challenges in creating unbiased reviews is corporate interference. Utilizing blockchain
    features, the identity of contributors is protected while maintaining the quality of information.
    This layer of anonymity promotes honesty without consequence when/if negative information is
    shared. It also promotes good behaviour on the part of projects/ICOs.
  • Ownership
    A decentralized blockchain platform keeps it in the hands of the users. Contributors and members
    alike validate information provided, resulting in a self-regulating community of authenticating all
    information within the ecosystem.

The benefit these four key players stand to get by using utrum.io includes:

For investors

Investors can easily understand the ICO / Token / Currency, what they are offering, the project and people. can follow their existing tokens for interaction, announcements, and news. Investors will receive scam alerts reported by other members. (Phishing pages, scams) Keep updated with happenings of the crypto world and also get rewarded with $OOT (utrum tokens) for active participation on the platform. besides, Investors can ask advice and tip the contributors and can network with a community member.


About ICO

Wallets and Exchange

Utrum Coin OOT has integrated into Komodo Multi-currency wallet Agama and Utrum Coin OOT is listed on Komodo Decentralized exchange BarterDex

  • How to generate OOT address using Agama Wallet?

Agama is a multi-currency wallet developed by Komodo. Utrum coin OOT is integrated into Agama.
Agama wallet is available in Desktop and Web. Please note the web version is in Beta. Do not store large amounts in web wallet.

Agama Web Wallethttps://www.atomicexplorer.com/wallet 

Desktop and Web Wallet have the same procedure to setup OOT wallet. Scroll down for instructions.

Download Agama Desktop: https://komodoplatform.com/komodo-wallets/

Token Details

The Crowdsourcing utrum.io concept is highly relevant today by incorporating Smart contracts, and digital coloured coins, we intend to play an intermediary role by providing a common platform that focuses on reviews and crypto ratings and thereby ensures that all parties involved are beneficiaries

  • Name: OOT token
  • Ticker: OOT
  • Coin Type: Komodo Asset Chain
  • Total Supply: 216,000,000
  • Soft Cap: $ 1 Million USD
  • Hard Cap: $ 5 Million USD
  • Exchange rate: 1 OOT = $ 0.12 USD
  • Accepting: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Komodo, Z-cash, Dash, Litecoin

Sale Details

  • ICO Process: Komodo dICO Exchange App
  • Pre-ICO: 10 May – 20 May
  • Bonus: 30% if you are using KMD to buy OOT
  • Main ICO: 21 May – 20 June, 10% Bonus.
  • Min Purchase $60 Max Purchase $60,000
  • Bounty and Referral Tokens :4,320,000 (2%)






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