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Developing the potential that exists in ourselves is not difficult, we just need to recognize the potential or talent we have. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, we don’t need to hide it – Each of us has a natural talent, even if we’re not aware of it. Now more facilitated by the talent search event, there are a huge number of talent search events around in the world.

Which now familiar is a talent search event to become a singer. If you are interested in acting, you can become an artist – E.g. you can follow casting and then join in on artist management. To be famous requires the process, like a singer or celebrity. Some people make their favourite artist or singer as an inspiration.

Many people around the world dream of the being in the spotlight – After you go through all the processes and finally become famous, you will have fans you’ve always dreamt of. The next thing is to defend everything you’ve got, whether that’s your potential or how you communicate with your fans.

A celebrity should certainly have achievements so that will be appreciated and surrounded by many fans. The process toward fame is not easy, start a career or explore the natural talents that exist within us. You may need support, both materially and morally. Young talents also need financial support, that’s why Tokenstars provides the perfect opportunity – They provide financial support by utilizing Blockchain Technology. Blockchain Technology offers great potential and is ideal for many markets as it enables transparency and trust.


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♥ About TokenStars

The   Tokenstars is the first celebrity management platform on blockchain. We build the ecosystem that will provide celebrities, fans and advertisers with advanced tools and incentives for deeper interaction and engagement.

Our platform consists of 12 integrated modules that allow participants to connect in a new way. Designed as a toolkit, the platform allows to combine different modules to achieve the required features and capabilities.

Based on their functionality, the modules are part of 4 different layers:

  1.  Crowdfunding layer, enabling promising talents and celebrities to raise funds.
  2. . Infrastructure layer, providing functional tools (like voting and scouting) for key platform activities.
  3.  Fans Community layer, allowing the celebrities to grow their social capital by expanding their loyal fan bases and offering the   fans the desired involvement by communicating and participating activities with their favourite stars.
  4.  Advertising layer, delivering smart & transparent data and engaged audience to brands for more efficient advertising campaigns (by enabling advertising smart contracts and exclusive merchandise sales)




⇒TokenStars solves 4 major problems of market participants :


1. Talents & Pros:

♦ We provide financial support to young talents at the critical junior age, so they don’t drop out of professional sports and entertainment industries. This significantly increases their chances for success.

♦‘Established players need help with advertising sales’. We offer representation and marketing promotion to the established pro-athletes and media personalities, that are already attractive for sponsors but were overlooked by traditional agencies.

Token implementation : TokenStars receives advertising commissions (15-30%, both from pros and talents) and fees from supported talents’ future income (5-70%, depending on the industry), that must be paid in TokenStars tokens. So, the brands and supported talents will buy tokens in the market from token holders to pay for our services.

2. FansImage result for tokenstars platform blockchain

Fans desire much closer interaction with celebrities and more influence over sports clubs and players. We provide fans communities with a wide range of exclusive options and products that allow them to participate, analyze, critique, deconstruct, fantasize and connect with their favourite athletes and media personalities.

Token implementation: by participating in these interactions fans earn and spend TEAM tokens, increasing the demand and the turnover of tokens.

3. Advertisers.

Brands seek for the combination of transparent advertising formats, as well as for more engaged audiences. TokenStars offers brands an opportunity to access highly involved fan audience and increase the efficiency of campaigns by implementing advertising smart contracts. Token implementation: the endorsements and promotional services will be paid in tokens (fully or in a part of TokenStars commission), so the higher the number of advertising campaigns – the more tokens will be demanded in the market.

⇒ Blockchain implementation ensures transparency and scalability of operations


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We have chosen blockchain as underlying technology of the platform to allow us to build transparent and verifiable system for all platform participants, especially for fans, advertisers, talent scouts, as well as regular token holders.

♦ TokenStars platform will record in blockchain ledger the events of interaction between the participants, such as voting results,       applications from the scouts, auction bids or advertising clicks.

♦ Our platform will be based on two interacting blockchains – Ethereum for the token-related operations and private blockchain for the internal platform operations: which was chosen as tens of thousands of people (with millions of participants in future) will interact on TS platform, so all these transactions will generate millions of recordings operations.

♦ Implementing Ethereum ERC-20 standard compatible tokens allows avoiding usual difficulties with fiat currencies such as low speed and cross-border payments related regulations.

⇒. Proven business model.

We have started with tennis and successfully completed the ACE token sale in October ’17

⇒ We’re launching the TEAM TokenStars vertical that will combine celebrity management activities in other sports (football, hockey, basketball, poker and others) and entertainment (movies, music)

⇒ TEAM token (Ethereum, ERC-20 standard compatible) is a utility token, designed to enable interaction between fans, celebrities (prospective talents & successful pros), advertisers, scouts and regular token holders. TEAM tokens will serve as a platform’s internal currency and will be used in 10 modules.

⇒ TokenStars disrupts a huge industry. TEAM targets a giant and fast-growing market. Total global sports and entertainment celebrity management market exceeds $100+ billion1 in contracts under management and annual revenues of up to $20 billion2
.Sports and entertainment industry is booming now:

1. Contracts under management among top-40 agencies increased by +10% in 2017;
2. UEFA Champions League budgets, distributed to the clubs, increased by 2.3X over the
last 10 years, amounting to $1.32 billion in 2017/18 season.
3. Total prize money in Grand Slam Championships has dramatically increased 4X
during last 15 years.

4. Worldwide sports analytics market (that targets the scouting of prospective athletes and growing the fans audience engagement) is expected to increase at a CAGR of 40.1% over the next five years and excel to $4 billion.
5. The project disrupts the huge incumbents’ business and shares the created value the community members.
TEAM is a global project looking for players and sponsors worldwide (this means higher market size, higher diversity, and less dependency on local regulations).

⇒ TEAM targets the enormous fan base that can earn and spend tokens on the platform

⇒ TokenStars has assembled a top-notch sports & entertainment advisory board that will:
> share its expertise to stimulate project growth,
> help us select the most promising talents and
> attract large audience of users to TokenStars platform

♥ TEAM Token Sale Terms

General Info :

Token Name : TEAM
Based on Ethereum
Standard ERC-20
Token price 0.0001 BTC
Payment methods: Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), ACE Tokens (ACE)

Fundraising Targets

Soft Cap (minimum token sale threshold) $1,000,000
Target A :  $5,000,000
Target B : $10,000,000
Hard Cap – Target C : (maximum token sale threshold) : $15,000,000

Token Allocation

Allocation principles

1. For every 60 tokens sold (Token Sale),
2. 20 additional tokens will be created and retained for the team, partners and advisors (Team & Advisors),
3. and 20 additional tokens will be created and retained for the Network Growth (Community & Growth).
Max number of tokens for token sale up to 45,000,000
Max number of tokens for team & advisors up to 15,000,000
Max number of tokens for network growth up to 15,000,000
Total Max number of created tokens up to 75,000,000
The difference between the maximum possible number of created tokens and actually distributed number of tokens will not be created


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Sale Period

Tier 1 >>>>>>>> Dec 20, 2017 – Jan 10, 2018

Tier 2 >>>>>>>> Jan 10, 2018 – Jan 27, 2018

Tier 3 >>>>>>>> Jan 27, 2018 – Feb 5, 2018

Tier 4 >>>>>>>> Feb 5, 2018 – Feb 15, 2018

Tier 5 >>>>>>>> Feb 15, 2018 – Feb 28, 2018

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♥ TEAM Project Vision

Core Idea
The core idea behind TokenStars is to bring the interaction between stars, fans and advertisers to a new level and solve celebrity management industry problems.
⇒ Stars: talents and pros. In an era when professional career development highly relies on
the ability to attract social capital and access the funding sources, stars need more ways
to get discovered by the audience and sponsors.
⇒ Fans. The balance of celebrities, fans, and media has shifted dramatically. Fans no longer
just watch. In real time they participate, analyze, critique, fantasize and connect with
their favourite stars. Fans need innovations that will provide opportunities for interaction and two-way communications with celebrities.
⇒ Advertisers. Brands seek new channels of promotion with highly engaged audience and demand transparent and adjustable tools to run advertising campaigns.

Solving market problems

  • Talents (future stars)
  • Pros (active sports & entertainment stars)
  • Fans
  • Advertisers

TEAM tokenImage result for team token allocation tokenstars platform blockchain

♥ Platform and Technology

Platform Architecture
TokenStars platform is built of 12 integrated modules that allow us to implement all activities of
the project. The modules are divided into four distinct layers:
1. Crowdfunding layer;
2. Infrastructure layer;
3. Fans Community layer;
4. Brands and Advertising layer


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Use of Blockchain

Our choice of blockchain as underlying technology of the TokenStars platform allows us to build transparant, scalable and verifiable system for all platform participants, especially for fans, scouts, promoters and advertisers. We will grant fans community leaders with tools to audit the records of blockchain distributed ledger to prove the transparency of interaction and avoid the potential conflicts between the participants

Technological Stack

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♥ Ambassador Team



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⇔Telegram :

⇔ETH Addrs : 0x1AB08946785790fb85AAb9FE8091eF99C86F9e2A


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