KORA – An infrastructure For inclusive Financial Systems

An Infrastructure is the basic physical need to support facilities access an area either regionally or nationally, surely we need access and complete facilities to support the economy of a community. In addition, the slow pace of infrastructure development – this is characterized by a lack of quality and quantity of infrastructure or supporting facilities.

Unfortunately, not all regions have an infrastructure. Such as electricity service infrastructure, education infrastructure, internet, even Banking infrastructure, etc. Because for remote areas require remote transportation access to reach the internet or banks.

In fact, people also need financial services that can help them for future goals. such as saving, borrowing capital and other business needs. However, due to its lack of systems and facilities leads to hampering their goals. especially for the middle to lower society. Some parties make it difficult because of social status while they certainly need financial facilities to support them financially.

Access to financial services, such as the ability to securely store and transmit value, take out a loan or ensure your assets are fundamental to a person’s ability to manage and grow their wealth.

Of the many difficulties the unbanked face, we have identified 5 main barriers to financial inclusion:

  • Perceptions that the underserved have little value
  • Cost of providing and accessing financial services
  • Lack of identification
  • Lack of trust and technological understanding
  • Lack of financial literacy


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About KORA Network and The Solutions

Kora is a project of hope for billions of people who are underserved by the current financial system and are burdened by expensive and inconvenient access to financial services. They are excluded from better solutions due to high costs, lack of proper identity, poor access to banking locations, and mistrust or poor understanding of the banking system. Furthermore, the learning curve of many existing platforms, and reasons such as lack of access to infrastructure like electricity, expensive access to the internet, and insufficient capital to aord a smartphone and a steep learning curve.

We are building a foundation of stability, security and reliability that will allow us to continue on our goal of delivering value to our users.

The Kora Network will be built on four layers of infrastructure to provide a low cost, universal access financial services platform accessible via SMS/USSD on feature phones, or with internet access via a mobile app, enabled by blockchain technology.

How does the SMS/USSD system work?

We have built into the blockchain the capability for any provider to have a USSD module globally along with SMS as well. Our infrastructure enables providers to offer this service on the blockchain. The only issue with this is that we can’t control overall prices on this service, hence the prices vary from country to country. Our betas will feature this, cross-border remittance, and the interoperability of licensed operators.

This will help communities build self-sustaining, community-owned financial services ecosystems. By drastically reducing the cost and the time required to provide financial services, and drawing a diverse set of stakeholders into an interoperable network, it will unlock the Long Tail of the global economy, benefiting populations most in need and enriching the global economy by unlocking the capital, intellect, and creativity of the underserved.


⇒ Building Blocks for Inclusive Financial Systems

Through Blockchain Technology, Data delivery occurs instantly and efficiently. All transactions and data storage are secure because they are replicated across the Blockchain network.

The Kora Network will be a public blockchain that provides the tools needed to build a self-sustaining, community-owned ecosystem for circulating and accumulating capital within a community. Kora will provide an equal opportunity for everyone to share in and contribute to the enormous the wealth that is created globally by lowering the barrier to access by drastically reducing the cost to serve, and by helping individuals retain more of the value they create through radical transparency and access to financial services options.

These building blocks are built into the Kora Network as smart contract and are accessible to
any user on the network :

  • identify users can prove they are who they are and the validity of their activity
  • Secure storage users can protect their funds from being stolen or devalued
  • Money TransferUsers can transfer money to each other quickly and securely
  • Market PlacesUsers can easily access venues to exchange money for goods, services, and capital

⇒  Kora Ecosystem

Minimizing Cost through the Blockchain

Blockchain Technology is a future solution especially in the financial sector of recording transactions integrated with modern technology, which has a unique code that can not be changed (eternal) that revolutionize the workings of the internet, banking and other things.

The Kora Network will deconstruct and abstract the infrastructure needed for financial services so that new Providers can easily provide financial services as needed for Users, without the huge cost of establishing and running a front-to-back financial institution.

Our blockchain stores identity and transactions run software modules and connect to other blockchains while preserving user privacy. We use Tendermint DPoS as a consensus algorithm, allowing for scalability while maintaining decentralization. The blockchain is secured by the Kora Network Token (KNT).


The Kora Network will pull together multiple existing solutions alongside these principles to provide
financial inclusion while avoiding many of the shortfalls previous attempts have a face.

What is the difference between eFiat and KNT?

Most financial activity between users will be denominated in e-Fiat instead of KNT. KNT will be used in the background as the staking mechanism for selecting block producers as well as a single medium to pay for fees incurred by the Kora Network.



  • Symbol: KNT
  • 1 KNT = $0.1
  • Pre-Sale: $3 Million Sold Out
  • Public Sale: $20 Million starts at 20% Discount
  • Public Sale Dates: 2nd April 12 pm UTC – 30th April 12 pm UTC
  • Token Supply : 755,007,338
  • Tokens For Sale : 339,753,302
  • Payment Method : BTC & ETH

When can I buy KNT?

Sign up on the Whitelist until April 2nd to receive an invite to register and contribute to our portal. After April 2nd, the portal link will be made public and you can register directly

How can I contribute?

You will have to complete our registration and KYC process on our token Sale portal. You can receive an invite to your email by joining our Whitelist. After April 2nd, the portal link will be made public.

I have contributed. How can I see the tokens allocated to me?

You can see your token balance on the portal as soon as your transaction is recorded on the blockchain you sent it on. If you have difficulty, please write to us on info@kora.network





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